What we do best

Are you faced with criminal charges? Ezeh Law Firm can defend you!  Backed with our experience and effective representation, be rest assured that you will have a trusted ally. Our experience as defense attorneys combined with extensive knowledge of criminal laws means that we can provide the best defense available. We provide help in the following areas, but not limited to:


Domestic violence.

Sexual assault.

Driving under the influence.

Possession of controlled substances.

And much more…


Criminal Defense

Many drivers remain powerless once they begin interacting with the justice system from the second a police officer arrives at their vehicle window until citations are issued. The system can make many drivers feel like they have no choice but to just do what they are told. Ezeh Law Firm understands the justice system quite well and understands that each driver has rights that must be protected. For the most part, we will ensure no point is assessed against your driving record. We are all about results and providing an affordable fee for all traffic matters. Simply contact us today to get started!

Traffic Ticket Defense

Whenever you are involved in a CAR ACCIDENT, SLIP $ FALL or WORK PLACE ACCIDENT resulting in injuries, time is of essence. Be rest assured that you have a sincere and reliable advocate who will timely obtain reasonable and full compensation for your pain and suffering.  Maximize your opportunity by contacting our Firm and for the most part, we will grant you the power to set our fees.

             You pay nothing unless we recover for you.


Personal Injury

At Ezeh Law Firm, we understand that some family issues may not be resolved by intervention or mediation. When this occurs, "Things Fall Apart".  This is where we come in to make sure all your investments and time in your marriage does not go in vain. We provide effective, affordable representation in the following areas of family law:




Child support


Child Custody and Visitation

Division of Property

Grandparent’s Rights


If you’ are in need of help with above issues or any other issues involving family court, please contact us today for a FREE consultation.


Family Law

It is vital to have a trustworthy and legitimate source of legal assistance when help is needed on an immigration issue. We understand that the immigration laws of the United States could have  huge impact on families, individuals, investors and business owners. Ezeh Law Firm believes that When handled inappropriately immigration issues can result to consequences that may cause a negative impact on individuals, families and businesses. Turning to an experience legal counsel to help is of utmost importance!


With the constant change in immigration law and regulations, mistakes are bound to occur when trying to handle it yourself. Think of how much time you have to invest to get the matter resolved on your own when your name is flagged for an error or omission.  It is never too late to seek legal advice; contact us as soon as possible to work on your case and gain from our extensive experience. Importantly, we provide the individualized attention that immigration matters require. We can help you or your family in the areas of:


Family, School, and Business based petitions

Removal (Deportation) Proceedings

Naturalization, Overstays and other areas of legalizations.

And More…